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Jonathan Rockway jon at
Sun Apr 6 19:50:33 BST 2008

* On Sun, Apr 06 2008, Nicholas Clark wrote:

> There will always be bad apples. (And unfortunately quite a few of them are
> on #perl).

FWIW, I think #perl on Freenode is pretty nice to newcomers.  #perl on isn't, but then it's not really designed to be.  IIRC, will at some point start pointing to Freenode so that the
newbies the the useful #perl :)

> Is the Perl community noticeably worse than others?

I don't know much about a Ruby or Python community, but the Lisp
community is much worse than the Perl community.  I get the impression
that the Haskell community is pretty nice, but I've never gotten good
answers to my questions on #haskell or #xmonad, so YMMV.  Eventually I
got tired of dealing with Haskell and switched to OCaml, which I haven't
had any questions about so far :)

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