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Sun Apr 6 22:13:39 BST 2008

On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 10:24 PM, Jonathan Tweed <jonathan at> wrote:
> On 6 Apr 2008, at 19:03, Zbigniew Lukasiak wrote:
> > Perl turned a bit too much elitist and both PHP and Rails show, in
> different ways, that
> > downscaling is important in getting marketshare.  The more I think
> > about them I see that they are disruptive (for Perl) in the sense of
> > - scorned by the
> > established players for their 'cheapness' - but gaining huge
> > marketshare in the low end will let them later conquer the high end as
> > well.
> >
>  Very true. As I was looking at some other language/framework sites for
> comparison I came across the Adobe Air site. There are links to
> documentation for people using ColdFusion, Java, .NET, PHP and Ruby. No
> Perl.
>  Similarly Yahoo Developer Network has subsections for Java, JavaScript,
> Flash, ColdFusion, .NET, Python, Ruby and Silverlight. No Perl. Nor can I
> find anything Perl related on the Google developer pages.
>  But enough talking. What can we do about it? Will The Perl Foundation pay
> for new sites? If not, why not?

I don't know the answer to that question in general - but if that
could be done on a grant money - then yes see:

And another interesting initiative:

>  Cheers
>  Jonathan

Zbigniew Lukasiak

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