[ANNOUNCE] April London.pm Meeting (3/4/2008)

Nicholas Clark nick at ccl4.org
Mon Apr 7 11:35:50 BST 2008

On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 11:13:44AM +0100, David Dorward wrote:
> On 7 Apr 2008, at 10:49, Nicholas Clark wrote:

> >Is that because it's close to London Bridge, and hence Thameslink  
> >going
> >both north and south?
> Yes and no.
> ... and hence South Eastern going to Tonbridge.

Ah. But the Edgar Wallace (which we seem to like) is about the same distance
from Charing Cross, and they have trains to Tonbridge too.

> >Because, if so, wouldn't a pub close to Waterloo 2.0
> If 2.0 is East, then nearly as well. The trains aren't quite as  
> frequent there.

Well, I was meaning St Pancras (International)

Nicholas Clark

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