Better Perl

Struan Donald struan at
Mon Apr 7 13:20:12 BST 2008

* at 07/04 09:14 +0100 Peter Hickman said:
> Nicholas Clark wrote:
> >This is good people who know Perl, or good people generally?
> For us it was finding Perl programmers that were actually living on the 
> same planet. They might have been geniuses but they couldn't read a job 
> spec to save their lives. We are a web development company based in 
> Brighton so if you don't want to be a web developer or work in Brighton 
> you would assume that you wouldn't actually apply for the job. You'd 
> think wouldn't you.
> You'd be wrong, Perl recruitment started to look like a complete waste 
> of effort.

In my experience this 'ability' is observable regardless of chosen
language, and mandatory if you're a pimp but that's a whole other
flame fest.


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