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Jonathan Stowe jns at
Mon Apr 7 15:44:30 BST 2008

On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 14:50 +0100, Iain Barnett wrote:
> On 7 Apr 2008, at 9:27 am, Dave Cross wrote:

> > Do you know that you can already rate CPAN modules? See http:// 
> >
> >
> > Also CPANTS ( includes measures for  
> > "has_test_pod_coverage" and "no_pod_errors". Is that a move in the  
> > right direction?
> Yep, I've seen it but very seldom are things rated more than twice. I  
> was thinking more along the lines of auto-checking (perhaps a  
> regex? ;) to how fully the docs are done - a standards checker, if  
> you like.
> Maybe several scores - one for tests, one for docs, one for ratings,  
> one for downloads? Otherwise it ends up like the Amazon book reviews,  
> I loved it = 5, I didn't like it = 1.

That's basically what CPANTS does - it's really a very crude indication
of Kwalitee and is very easy to game to get a high score for an
otherwise rather crap module. However this in conjunction with cpan
testers and other available metrics does give some reasonable indication
of whether a module is even worth looking at.


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