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Jonathan Rockway jon at
Mon Apr 7 17:59:18 BST 2008

* On Mon, Apr 07 2008, Randy J. Ray wrote:
> I've been an Eclipse user (mostly for non-Perl projects) for many years, and
> have hoped time and time again that EPIC would mature, but it seems to be
> coming along as slowly as perl6. I had hoped that the PPI modules might prove a
> strong basis for something like EPIC to build on, but that hasn't happened either.

To be fair, PPI has been used for a lot of things that Java doesn't
have.  For example, Perl::Critic.  It's also used all over the place in
other capacities, PPI::HTML, PerlySense, Stylish, etc.

Clearly it would be easy to write a nice GUI editor using PPI.  But
nobody has done that yet, probably because it's easier to just use emacs
and vim.  Why throw away 30 years of development just because your
editor must have perfect same-process Perl integration?

Remember that long thread about re-inventing the wheel?  That is what
writing your own editor is.  Get a book about emacs or vim.  You will
thank yourself when you realize that you never need to use your mouse

Jonathan Rockway

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