Perl advocacy/Logos

virtualsue virtuallysue at
Tue Apr 8 11:36:13 BST 2008

Adrian Lai wrote:
> On 08/04/2008, Bradley Dean <bjdean at> wrote:
>> Just a quick thought - having the sentence "Perl is a dead language" as
>>  part of the first thing you read on the advocacy page might give the wrong
>>  impression.
>>  If I'm a person/organisation thinking about using perl and come across the
>>  page I might not have heard that "perl is dead" - but I have now. Given
>>  that I've heard about it on a perl community page I might stop reading
>>  there for a moment and go looking around for why _not_ to use perl (whereas
>>  I started looking for why I _should_ use perl).
> Yes - thank you. I was never particularly happy with my phrasing.
> Threw it together in a bit of a rush and then couldn't think of any
> vast improvements I could make.
> I'll probably use your text unless there are any huge complaints...

I don't see why you would say it at all. It's best left off the page altogether IMO.

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