Better Perl

Johan Lindström johanl at
Tue Apr 8 21:37:39 BST 2008

At 13:18 2008-04-08, Iain Barnett wrote:
 > But do they ( vim and emacs )  do integrated task management
>(Bugzilla, Trac...)?

I can see how it would make sense to hook up Trac to creating 
branches, checking in files and stuff but not much else, maybe I 
don't have enough imagination. How is it integrated?

Btw, the Emacs SVN mode with diffing, blame and friends is fan-tas-tic.

>Integrated debugging?


>Show documentation for  modules/classes outside of the file you're 
>editing - without any key

What does that look like, and what's the benefit? Is it POD type 
docs, or more like the class interface?

>Let you know you've made a mistake with syntax/grammar/ method-calls 
>before you save the document and run it?

Yes. And style (Perl::Critic).

Well, I find it utterly annoying to get this feedback before saving, 
because that generally means I'm either typing, thinking or idling 
and I don't want to be interrupted doing that (idling being very 
precious to me). But getting this feedback on save is very useful.


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