Dim Sum Thursday 1pm Pearl Liang

Leon Brocard acme at astray.com
Wed Apr 9 09:10:58 BST 2008

This week we are meeting for dim sum at Pearl Liang, which is a tasty
little place near Paddington (and thus perfect for out-of-towners from
the west, hint hint):

  Pearl Liang
  8 Sheldon Square
  W2 6EZ

Note that this restaurant is quite hard to find. The link above says:

"Sheldon Square is a relatively new development behind Paddington
station. Getting here can be slightly complicated, although it really
is very close to the station. The easiest way is to start from
platform 8 of the station (you won't need a ticket; there are no
barriers to get onto this platform). Walk along the platform, go up
the steps or ramp, turn right along the walkway, and follow along
until you hit the canal towpath. (If you see signs in the station for
the PaddingtonCentral development, that's what you're aiming for.)
Turn left along the towpath and go along a bit until you see the sign
for Sheldon Square; follow this sign (left between two tall
buildings), then continue forwards and head down the steps into the
grassy sunken amphitheatre thing; Pearl Liang is ahead of you on the
other side of the amphitheatre."

See you there! Leon the London.pm Dim Sum Tsar

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