Memcaching Plan of Attack

Aaron Crane perl at
Fri Apr 11 16:37:35 BST 2008

Jason Tang writes:
> Trying to move away raw sql dotted all over the repository to
> something abit more organised - DBIC. In converting to DBIC its
> taken a notable hit on response time. 0.25s - 2.5s and SQL DBIC
> generated is pretty close to the original.

An order-of-magnitude time penalty for using DBIx::Class sounds Just
Plain Wrong -- certainly not even remotely in line with what I've seen

I'm going to dig deep into my pile of wild-ass guesses and speculate
that you might be using Red Hat and an older version of DBIx::Class:

If that doesn't apply, then I'm pretty sure there must be some other
reason for your slowdown.

Aaron Crane **

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