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Fri Apr 11 16:46:07 BST 2008

--- Jonathan Peterson <JPeterson at> wrote:

> My recent playing with Ruby came to griding halt whan I noticed it
> didn't do unicode. Also, if you look at Ruby's Net::SMTP and Perl's 
> Net::SMTP Perl's is just so much nicer - better documentation, better

> designed, does more stuff. It really shows what an extra decade of 
> maturity means.

Agreed.  With people finally coming down off Rails, they're starting to
notice the cracks in the Ruby community (not the language).  DSLs which
aren't and the prevalence of altering core class behavior
("monkeypatching") is a sure sign of a community feeling growing pains.

On the other hand, just look at most Perl code written 10 years ago. 
We were pretty much in the same place, just having arrived there from a
different direction.


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