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Jonathan Stowe jns at
Sun Apr 13 10:17:06 BST 2008

On Sun, 2008-04-13 at 09:08 +0100, virtualsue wrote:
> Simon Wilcox wrote:
> > Jonathan Peterson wrote:
> >> Make of it what you will. Most interesting I thought was his belief 
> >> that people who previously would have written off PHP were now 
> >> attempting to use it, but to use it like a proper language.
> > 
> > I was talking to the CTO of a supplier/partner of ours t'other day and 
> > found that their backend messaging system which handles a *lot* of 
> > traffic is written in php but doesn't serve a single web page.
> > 
> > He gave the same answer I gave when asked about choosing perl - because 
> > it's what we know and could do the job fast enough.
> > 
> > If php6 does turn out to be a "proper" language then it may start to 
> > threaten in non-web areas.
> > 
> Interesting. So it might become nearly as useful as Perl? ;)

I recall that people were making this claim for earlier versions of PHP
when they hacked up a mechanism for running it from the command line.

I don't believe I have seen any of this much vaunted code in the wild.
Of course if I did it would be likely it wouldn't remain in the wild for

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