Nordic Perl Workshop 2008 registration is open

Claes Jakobsson claes at
Mon Apr 14 11:16:09 BST 2008

Greetings fellow lovers of Beer, Buffy and sometimes Perl

Last evening the Nordic Perl Workshop 2008 website came online which  
means it's now possible to register for the workshop and submit talk  
proposals (hint ;)).

All you need to do is to point your favorite browser at 
  , login with your ACT account and register.

And to make it even more attractive may I feel obligated to remind you  
that Stockholm is like the best place in the world during summer  
assuming of course it doesn't rain and yes there are pubs here where  
they do serve decent beer (read foreign) and not that local mainstream  
piss known as Pripps (altho some people seem to like it). The selected  
venue is located right next to Vasaparken which is a green and nice  
park in the vicinity of Odenplan. There's a picture here:

Conference fee is 500 SEK (~ 55€) or 250 SEK (~ 28€) if you're a  
student. And as usual speakers are exempted from the fee.

So visit the site now and register!

Hope to see you in Stockholm,

Claes Jakobsson on behalf of the NPW 2008 team.

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