Thanks to PeopleCo

Greg McCarroll greg at
Sat Apr 19 15:12:20 BST 2008

This is a bit late, so sorry to Misty and Kate, but I'd just like to
thank Misty, Kate and PeopleCo for donating to last months meeting
kitty. They chipped in roughly the cost of everyones first drink
without it being a condition or rule[1], so a big thanks!

They are two recruiters who asked to come along to understand the
London Perl job market, asked if it was ok and after some guidance
came along and as far as I know didn't upset the usual social/friendly
nature of meeting by making discussions overly recruitment orientated.

So thanks to,

   Kate Emberlin
   Mistaun Kabir
   both of, PeopleCo Worldwide Ltd

and sorry this email has taken so long.


[1] Although kudos to one of the Tsar's who gave them the hint.

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