Emergency social, Spaniards Inn, Sunday 27 April

James Laver james.laver at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 20:44:59 BST 2008

On 22 Apr 2008, at 19:24, Peter Corlett wrote:

> On 22 Apr 2008, at 17:49, James Laver wrote:
> [...]
>> It seems rather awful timing, but then who can't make an excuse to  
>> get beer, even two nights in a row.
> Ah, that well-known Heretics meeting on the fourth Monday of the  
> month.

It was an off-by-one error. And I feel especially stupid since the  
dates don't match up to the end of the month and all that.

And somehow I managed to miss the word 'Sunday' too.


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