Top 10 perl books

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Wed Apr 23 18:17:55 BST 2008

I would put a quick plug in for the O'Reilly Perl CD bookshelves. I have versions 2, 3, and 4 and each has something worthwhile (version 2 has Advanced Perl Programming which tells you stuff not covered in any of the other CDs for instance). As a group, they include a lot of the books mentioned in the discussions to date plus a few on more specialised subjects (XML, LWP, TK in version 3 for instance which aren't on the other 2 CDs).
Talking about "best" books - IMO, gets you away from the equally important point about getting the book that happens to have the information you need. One of the most interesting Perl related books, IMO, is Mastering Regular Expressions - but as I'm doing CGI at the moment, I have CGI Programming with Perl on my desk at the moment - a slightly dull book but it tells me what I need to know.
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