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Merijn Broeren merijnb at iloquent.com
Thu Apr 24 16:12:33 BST 2008

Quoting Spiros Denaxas (spiros at lokku.com):
> >  Depends whom you ask. Ask a Brazilian or Indian and you'd likely get
> >  "very important" :-)
> You are absolutely right. Orkut is in fact #4 in India according to
> Alexa's distorted reality representation:
> http://preview.tinyurl.com/2cmgkc
> I was'nt aware that it was _that_ important to be honest and from time
> to time I was wondering if anybody actually uses it or not :)
It's even bigger in Brazil:


Advertising IRL there gives out Orkut names, not URLs.

Similarly in .nl you're nobody until you're part of the hyve:


The non english web is quite large. 

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