Ian Malpass ian at
Mon Apr 28 22:13:29 BST 2008

Peter Corlett wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 11:41:01AM -0500, Ian Malpass wrote:
> [...]
>> I want to inherit from a base class, but I want to not inherit methods
>> foo() and bar(). I could over-ride these with methods that die(), but
>> can() would still see them.
> In that case, you do not want to inherit from a base class. You want to
> encapsulate it in another class that only exposes the API that you wish to
> expose.

Actually, in the particular case of the problem I'm working on now, I 
think I'm going to add in another base class to inherit from, and the 
subclass that doesn't want those methods won't use that base class.

But that approach won't work all the time - is there anything out on 
CPAN that helps with the encapsulate-and-expose approach? Or any design 

Doing things properly is obviously a Good Thing, but it seemed a heck of 
a lot simpler to say "this, minus these" than to go off and add do fun 
stuff with extra encapsulating classes, etc. :)


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