Flash! Ahaaa! He saved every one of us...

Andy Wardley abw at wardley.org
Mon May 5 07:10:19 BST 2008

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> Flash banner. Nice...

Nah, it's just a .png    <cymbal_crash/>

I notice that members get 1 months free training at Lyle's[*] bristol
kickboxing club.  Makes us at London.pm look like a bunch of mere programmers!
Maybe we should start a club of our own?  The London Sit-Down Drinking Club?
The Young's Double Chocolate Stout Appreciation Club?  Or perhaps the Fine
Architecture of London's Licensed Premises Appreciation Club?

Either way I claim my free 1 month trial!


[*] Gordon's Alive!  Dispatch web technology AJAX to bring back his body
     content asynchronously.

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