Nigel Rantor wiggly at wiggly.org
Tue May 6 08:00:04 BST 2008

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> Well I never:
> http://perl.bristolbath.org/
> Flash banner. Nice...

I will mostly be spending today trying not to reply to this 
thread[0]...when I'm not recovering from my week of throwing myself down 
mountains in France[1]


p.s. Has anyone else tried seeing how far up the results the B&BPM 
member's page comes on google's image search for 'twat' and 'smug' or is 
it just me?

[0] - Yes, I know, I probably just failed.
[1] - Tignes, yes, no, and fucking awesome, in that order.
[2] - Not an athleek[3] at all, just a normal human bean.
[3] - *simmer*

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