Andy Wardley abw at
Tue May 6 14:28:13 BST 2008

Dirk Koopman wrote:
> It appears I shall have to (finally) learn some javascript. Any 
> recommendations for good books/websites?

The Mozilla docs at are a
good place to start for reference material and a general introduction. is a good book once you're happy with the basics of
syntax, and other beginner's stuff.  There's more emphasis on what makes
JS different from other languages, and it gives you a good feel for what
well-written idiomatic JS should be like.  A good "Best Practice" book. (by the same author) is a good library to start playing
with if you're already comfortable with HTML and DOMiness.  The basic examples
show how to tart up web pages with Web 2.0 magic.  The more complex examples
(e.g. extending jQuery) give an insight into the way prototype based
programming works, so it's pretty good if learn-by-example is your thing.


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