Seriously, WTF?

Simon Wilcox essuu at
Wed May 7 12:41:07 BST 2008

I know I shouldn't feed a troll but...

Iain Barnett wrote:
>> (I've been having to work with MySQL for over a year now and it STILL 
>> keeps
>> coming up with new ways to fall to pieces when I least expect it..
> That's because it wasn't designed to be an ACID or SQL compliant 
> database.

It's had ACID compliance since the last century:

> I'm sure that's why it's faster than most - it doesn't need to 
> check anything before doing it, and that's probably why it's so much 
> better than Postgres at replication, it's just a file copy! ;)

It's not but then I suspect you knew that.

> Iain
> Hates mySQL

You're hating the wrong thing. Whilst there are plenty of reasons to 
hate MySQL, I'd rather direct my hate at PostgreSQL which has 
consistently failed to provide a decent replication system thus handing 
the game to MySQL.

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