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On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 2:28 PM, Andy Wardley <abw at> wrote:
> Dirk Koopman wrote:
> > It appears I shall have to (finally) learn some javascript. Any recommendations for good books/websites?
> >
> The Mozilla docs at are a
> good place to start for reference material and a general introduction.
> is a good book once you're happy with the basics of
> syntax, and other beginner's stuff.  There's more emphasis on what makes
> JS different from other languages, and it gives you a good feel for what
> well-written idiomatic JS should be like.  A good "Best Practice" book.
> (by the same author) is a good library to start playing
> with if you're already comfortable with HTML and DOMiness.  The basic examples
> show how to tart up web pages with Web 2.0 magic.  The more complex examples
> (e.g. extending jQuery) give an insight into the way prototype based
> programming works, so it's pretty good if learn-by-example is your thing.

Simon Willison of Django/python fame just released this talk on jQuery,

He covers the development environment and some important principles of
JavaScript development; not just 'how to use jQuery'. Good stuff.


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