Seriously, WTF?

Jacqui Caren Jacqui.caren at
Thu May 8 14:56:35 BST 2008

Smylers wrote:
> Jacqui Caren writes:
>>IMHO MySQL are apples and oranges. There is no way to compare them as
>>they have radically different "envelopes".

s/envelopes/performance profiles/

For instance I tend to have systems that repeat the same non trivial 
query repeatedly. I find a database that provides *some* from
of query execution plan cache advantageous.

Finally I tend to get involved in some rather nasty procedute/trigger
coding and have implemented entire template engines in a database
schema more than once - when doing something as kooky as this you
soon find out some rather odd limits.

> You put fruit in envelopes?  Are the apples and oranges still edible
> after?  I'd've thought they'd get too squished on the journey.

Ah! in deepest darkest surrey, we just pick apples and oranges off the 
trees :-)


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