MySQL Performance Example Was: Seriously, WTF?

Bob Walker bob at
Thu May 8 16:20:32 BST 2008

> I have to confess to being in a state of shock at only having constructive 
> responses to my post, and (so far at least) none asking "why would you want 
> to insert 100 million rows into such a sad excuse for a relational database 
> anyway its not a database cause it doesn't have any foreign keys and really 
> you'd be better off using PG and blah, blah, blah...." Is this what happens 
> when the sun comes out?

when the sun comes out we go and hide in basements. such as tonights 

also with a 100 million rows you arnt trying hard enough :)

basically all software is hateful and sucky.

Ive found both mysql and postgresql suck my will to live. although i blame 
the programmers for wanting such hateful things. bastards the lot of you 

Bob Walker -    -
for great beery justice!        - meh! bah! indeeed!

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