Seriously, WTF?

Peter Hickman peter.hickman at
Thu May 8 17:27:38 BST 2008

Paul Makepeace wrote:
> That's a bit harsh.
> All the migrations I've done between RDBMSs have been from MySQL &
> Oracle to Pg so I'm more in the Pg camp if push came to shove. That's
> offset somewhat however by hearing the endless desperately out-dated
> MySQL FUD here.
> The Google Ads system runs on MySQL and is probably the largest
> deployment of MySQL running anywhere. So when I say I'm certain you
> wouldn't run into those problems, I have a reasonable level of
> confidence.
> Is that more what you were looking for?
> Paul

It was a bit harsh, sorry about that but I was struggling for a way to 
express myself without swearing. Thanks for taking it better than I 
expressed it.

Steve's issue was with a complex query joining 8 tables (or 
thereabouts). Had you said that you had done something similar on MySQL 
5 then I would take it as an informed opinion on the subject. Sure 5 is 
an improvement on the previous versions but that does not mean that it 
addresses Steve's issue sufficiently.

As for Google. Are they doing complex queries joining 8 tables and what 
sort of performance are they getting or are we just assuming that 
anything they touch is blessed?

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