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Nicholas Clark nick at
Fri May 9 14:54:55 BST 2008

Now this isn't hugely about beer or Buffy or pie (although we should thank
Kake for organising two out of three for us last night) or even about the
dreaded 4 letter P word, but

As someone who was born here (yes, University College Hospital, London.
Inside zone 1, the circle line, the congestion charging zone*), I know I'm
entitlement to NHS treatment. (Yes, that doesn't meant that I can *get* it)

However, what isn't obvious, is what are the rules for an EU national moving
to the UK? Specifically an EU national moving to the UK who may choose not be
working for a bit, so won't automatically be paying N.I.

I was rather hoping that would be typical of London, and full of
people who have already had to deal with this, and hence know what the rules
are, and where they are written down.

(Because I've tried looking on, and it tells me a lot of things
about me moving to @foreign, but not on @foreigners moving to Blighty. As
best I can tell, A&E is always free, but it's entitlement to GPs, Dentists and
routine hospital treatment that isn't clear.)

Nicholas Clark

* Dave, Greg, Gelly and Bob will now be disgusted to learn that I'm actually
  a northerner, and not from dawn sarf.

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