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Martin A. Brooks martin at
Fri May 9 15:30:37 BST 2008

Nicholas Clark wrote:
> However, what isn't obvious, is what are the rules for an EU national moving
> to the UK? Specifically an EU national moving to the UK who may choose not be
> working for a bit, so won't automatically be paying N.I.

Depends what you mean by EU.  Within the EU, the theory is free 
circulation of goods and people.  I can go live and work in any EU 
country, I would pay tax in that country having filled in the 
appropriate paperwork.

Any permanent resident of an EU member state can simply turn up to the 
UK to live and, optionally, work.  To work, they'll need to apply for an 
NI number and they'll be put on emergency tax until they're allocated a 
tax code.

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