moving to the UK

A Laymond lists at
Fri May 9 15:40:23 BST 2008

You will be insured by the country you last worked in.
Which means, you need to ask from your country a form that used to be
called E111 - may have changed since - that you present to your new
country for insurance purposes when you need it. You shouldn't have to
pay more than a local for treatment, as long as you present this form.
Then the new country will ask the former one for reimbursement.
As soon as you start working in the new country, all of this is
forgotten, you get your national security number and register like the

In France I could use my NI for 5 years after stopping work there, so
there isn't too much of a hurry to worry about finding a job, unless
you have a chronic disease that requires constant treatment, or
Switzerland is different regarding contributions.
There are all over London foreign pharmacies and doctors that will
give you more details, I'd rather go to them to get the information
when/if it is needed.

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