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Fri May 9 15:55:08 BST 2008

--On 9 May 2008 14:54:55 +0100 Nicholas Clark <nick at> wrote:
> However, what isn't obvious, is what are the rules for an EU national
> moving to the UK? Specifically an EU national moving to the UK who may
> choose not be working for a bit, so won't automatically be paying N.I.

<> has some good info on 

The EU national is free to live and work in the UK, they need to do very 
little really - no need to register with police/council/etc as in some 
other EU nations.

These days getting an NI number is done either through personal application 
or through your first employer - see 
<> for more info. The 
EU national might need to attend an office (eg. JobCentre) to show proof of 
EU nationality (and thus eligibility to work in the UK without a work 
permit). I believe she will need some letters as evidence that she is 
registered with employment agencies in the UK and looking for work, to 
facilitate getting the NI number. I am unsure what the situation is 
regarding paying NI yourself if you are not in employment. In practice I am 
also unsure how this requirement for postal evidence works in this age of 
applying for work online. Do you print a Jobsite page saying "thanks for 
submitting your application"?

> (Because I've tried looking on, and it tells me a lot of things
> about me moving to @foreign, but not on @foreigners moving to Blighty. As
> best I can tell, A&E is always free, but it's entitlement to GPs,
> Dentists and routine hospital treatment that isn't clear.)

The EU national should apply for an EHIC card (replaces the E111 form) 
which will entitle them to use the NHS in the UK, to begin with, at 
free/reduced cost. That's something they need to get in their home country. 
Basically though the NHS is only free for people who are normally resident 
in the UK - I think it may take >6 months of residency for that to kick in. 
But that's calculated in advance -- i.e. if you /intend/ to stay for a year 
then you're eligible from the start.

To get an NHS number you register with a local GP - contact your local NHS 
primary care trust to find one accepting new registrations. Call the 
Department of Health’s advice line (020 7210 4850).



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