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On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 5:25 PM, Iain Tatch
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> 2008/5/9 Martin A. Brooks <martin at>:
>> Any permanent resident of an EU member state can simply turn up to the UK to
>> live and, optionally, work.  To work, they'll need to apply for an NI number
>> and they'll be put on emergency tax until they're allocated a tax code.
> Close, but no cigar-- that only applies to people who are (were) residents of
> "the fifteen" (countries which were EU members before 2004-05-01).  If
> your citizenship is that of one of the ten countries that joined the
> EU on that date (Poland, Czech rep et al) you are supposed to register
> with the Home Office before getting a job.  If your citizenship is
> that of Romania or Bulgaria, you generally have little better chance
> of working here than a non-EU citizen does.

Partially 'true' and 'accurate'  ( Cyprus and
Malta is an exception among the new members...anyhow their population
can be safely ignored, compare to Polish community :)

> Yours in pedanticness
> Iain

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