MySQL Performance Example Was: Seriously, WTF?

Smylers Smylers at
Sat May 10 10:34:45 BST 2008

Iain Barnett writes:

> On 9 May 2008, at 5:07 pm, David Cantrell wrote:
> > On Fri, May 09, 2008 at 04:47:23PM +0100, Iain Barnett wrote:
> >
> > > Int, enum, char in that order.
> >
> > I've always treated ENUM as being more a reminder to myself and to
> > whoever has to maintain my stuff about what the column is for.  eg,
> > that the 'pigment' field can contain cyan, magenta, yellow or black
> > but nothing else.
> > It also saves the hassle of me having to remember which of C M Y and
> > K maps to which integer
> When would you need this information? Have you been hard-coding values
> in your code, tsk tsk :_)

Sure you can encapsulate things like that in your programs, but having
the mnemonic values is useful for a human manually performing a SELECT
to examine a record.


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