MySQL Performance Example Was: Seriously, WTF?

David Cantrell david at
Sat May 10 13:27:40 BST 2008

On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 04:30:57AM +0100, Iain Barnett wrote:
> On 9 May 2008, at 5:07 pm, David Cantrell wrote:
> >I've always treated ENUM as being more a reminder to myself and to
> >whoever has to maintain my stuff about what the column is for.  eg,  
> >that
> >the 'pigment' field can contain cyan, magenta, yellow or black but
> >nothing else.
> Um, documentation? You know, that thing no one likes to do. [1]

Oh, yeah, documentation.  The thing that you have to open in another
window, search through, and so on - if you even stop to think that you
might need to refer to it.

An ENUM is self-documenting.

> [1] Please, don't use the words 'self documenting'.

Tough titty!

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