Mobile phone broadband suggestions

Edmund von der Burg evdb at
Fri May 16 09:01:50 BST 2008


Her indoors is about to become one of these new fangled flexitime
out-of-office mobile workers.

Half the time she'll be in Wales where there is no broadband, so will
need to connect over her mobile phone. Most likely this will be over
GPRS as our valley doesn't have 3G yet. We don't have O2 or Orange
reception either, but all the others are at full strength courtesy of
our neighbor's diversification into phone mast planting.

What should she get so that she has a decent handset to access email
and basic web on, and can also connect with her Apple laptop to the
net? I doubt she'll be going over a gig a month, any big downloading
will be done in London.

I suppose in a way she is not too price sensitive. What really matters
is that it works and she can rely on it.

Any suggestions based on past happy experiences much appreciated.


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