Perl Mongers Census

Dave Cross dave at
Sat May 17 22:37:43 BST 2008

I've long believed that is the nexus of the Perl Mongers 
world. And here's a good chance for you to prove me right.

As you may know, I'm in the middle of running a Perl Mongers census. 
It's a simple idea - each group leader fills in a web form giving some 
basic details of their group.

The problem, of course, is tracking down the group leaders.

A week ago, I sent email off to 353 people who are listed as group 
leaders on A week later I've had responses from 
half of them.

So here's my idea[1]. Most of the Perl Mongers world seems to be 
subscribed to this mailing list. So could you please all take a look at 
the list at:

This is a list of groups who haven't replied yet. If you recognise any 
of the names on the list, could you please prod the person in question 
and ask them to contact me (at census at so I can send them the 
link to their census form.

Thanks for your help.



[1] Actually, I cannot tell a lie, it was Greg's idea.

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