Technology conference/festival: An Adventure in Technology

Shevek shevek at
Wed May 21 11:03:07 BST 2008


We're running an event called "An Adventure in Technology" in Bristol on
the 28th June. The idea is to create a space for one day where people
can come together to create crazy things with technology and to show off
things they have found or created. Some of these will be software and
some will be hardware. Some of them might even work, or be useful, but
probably all of them will be fun.

Please come along. If you want to bring anything which requires special
power, space, a screen/projector, tools, etc, and you need help, please
ask us before the event and we'll try to organise it. There is a car
park for ... um ... larger things, and one attendee has already
requested (and been promised) a tree, with a church tower as a possible

Already confirmed, we have several speakers giving short talks, but the
focus is on playing with things; we will have a real radio station and a
(open source) recording studio, hopefully some robotics work, and some
stupid things done in software. We will have a (hopefully) live retro
exhibition, and there will be a separate space for deep-tech talks (such
as "NUMA in BSD" and "Hacking the JVM").

More regular features include our favourite "hardware swapshop" and the
social/games corner, and regular attendees of will observe
that we have a licensed bar. :-)

The official web site is  Entry is free,
and doors should open around 10:30am although large set-up and get-in
will start at 9am. The party will end in the early evening, or when
people stop drinking beer, whichever is LATER, so we're counting on you

See you there!


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