Web search engine required

Thomas Leitch Thomas.Leitch at bbc.co.uk
Wed May 21 14:54:39 BST 2008

Potentially Xapian with its bundled Omega software would fit the bill:


Really excellent piece of software, the core engine integrates well with
Perl and it is fast and efficient.


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> Can anyone recommend a decent webby search thing I can use on 
> my own site?  Results must be easily templateable (ideally in 
> TT), must spider the site over HTTP and not just by 
> grovelling over files on the disk, and must provide some easy 
> way of marking parts of pages where the text is not to be 
> indexed. I would prefer something written in C or perl that 
> that doesn't use an RDBMS, on the grounds that that would 
> save me the hassle of installing more hateful software.
> Of course, I could just bug-fix my own one, but ICBA.  And 
> no, "google"
> is not an acceptable answer.
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