Stopping double clicking with Perl CGI

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Thu May 22 10:17:52 BST 2008

I thought I'd be a disruptive element in the group and ask a Perl question.
What is the best way of stopping a user double clicking a button in a web page created using Perl CGI? I have written "my first web app" and the logs suggest one user double clicked in well less than a second. I want a programmatic solution rather than browser configuration solution.
It has been suggested to me I could use cookies or a file on the server side - but I am worried about timing issues. I could use semaphores server side or do a radical architecture change to some sort of queued system but this seems overkill. In fact all of this seems overkill for what must really be a common problem requiring a mundane solution.
It seems to me that the logical way to do it would be to disable the button when it is pressed, but I haven't found an example of how to do that on the web yet.
Hence I am coming to you lot for inspiration...

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