Stopping double clicking with Perl CGI

Smylers Smylers at
Thu May 22 15:28:58 BST 2008

David Dorward writes:

> On 22 May 2008, at 14:23, Chris Jack wrote:
> > 1) If I disable the push button then run another perl script to
> > process my results -> if I then push the back button the push button
> > is still disabled on the first screen as I cannot pick up that the
> > back button has been pressed. Hitting refresh would fix this - but I
> > think that sort of user intervention is very bad.
> Hitting refresh wouldn't fix it, since many browsers remember form  
> control state.

You'd've thought so.  But actually pressing 'Refresh' does fix it in the
browsers where I've seen this problem (Firefox 2, and Opera).


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