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Martin A. Brooks martin at
Fri May 23 21:03:00 BST 2008

Bruce Richardson wrote:
> On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 05:41:53PM +0100, Martin A. Brooks wrote:
>> paddy at wrote:
>>>> That acid test for spam or unsolicited mail is whether the sender is  
>>>> trying to disguise their identity and the origin of the email or not..   
>>> huh?  Which part of unsolicited are you having a problem with ?
>> I meant to determine if an email should be classed as spam or UCE.  I 
>> phrased that badly, sorry.
> Even so, to say that Spam is UCE with forged headers is an arbitrary
> categorisation and not one I would agree with.  Forged sender
> credentials are very common in spam and one of the characteristics most
> commonly used to detect it but it's not a defining characteristic.

Absolutely.  With UCE there typically are no forged headers,  the entity 
is simply sending you a marketing message you didn't specifically opt-in 
for; cold-calling via the Internet.  You can quickly and easily identify 
who the true sender of the message is, not a typical signature of spam.

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