technical meeting 29th May 2008

Paul Makepeace paulm at
Tue May 27 13:45:21 BST 2008

>From the department of don't-say-we-didn't-warn-you, anyone attending
the tech meet will be required to sign a boilerplate confidentiality

Obviously the contents of the meeting aren't confidential, however :-)

If you'd like a copy to run by your lawyers ahead of time, that's
totally fine, I can email it (you'll get a paper copy on the day in
any case). However, if you decide to pore at length over it in
reception on the night be prepared for disapproving glances from the
other 60 people waiting to get going...

P (who doesn't like NDAs either)

On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 10:27 AM, Leon Brocard <acme at> wrote:
> I am happy to announce the technical meeting on 29th May
> 2008, which will be kindly hosted by Google. The following speakers
> will give us short 15-minute talks:
> Paul Makepeace - Authenticating with PHP in Catalyst
> Leo Lapworth - Printing maps for fun and profit
> Ash Berlin - How I failed to do non-practical things
> Greg McCarroll - SQL tools in Perl
> Paul Mison - Why Perl is (almost) perfect for writing API libraries
> Sue Spence - Perl at Cisco (with add bacon-saving & rant)
> For more information, and to sign up (places are limited), please visit:
> Regards, Leon the Tech Meet Tsar

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