Primary DNS hosting, without transferring the domains

the hatter at
Wed Jun 4 22:56:40 BST 2008

On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, David Cantrell wrote:

> nik wrote:
> > Who do we currently recommend for providing primary DNS hosting  ...
> Your ISP.

It's a bit traditional, but it'd be the most responsible option, if
nominally lacking in resiliance if you do DNS for sites that operate
outside your/their netblocks.

Failing that, I'd go for a cheap VM somewhere and run your own - wasn't
obvious if you were trying to avoid that or not.  Bind isn't the most
taxing of apps either in system or sysadmin resources, and plaintext zone
files are easier to wrangle in volume than webby interfaces.

The other advantage being that if you want to do cleverer things than
master/slave replication, it's all yours to mess around with.

the hatter

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