Coffee Filter Machines

Minty mintywalker at
Fri Jun 6 10:22:11 BST 2008

Thanks for all the advice.

The conclusion I'm drawing is that if you want decent quality, it's
professional grade £200+ kit.

Raid sounds interesting, but we kinda wanted the plug n play
simplicitly of a regular (simple) machine, that you know, just worked.
 We're currently back to the dribbly jug, after the newer amazon
machine (which wasn't dishwasher safe either ffs) blew the electrics
for the third time.  We tried swapping the jugs to merge the working
parts of two machines, but wouldn't you know their binaries were not
built on the same architecture.

It also occured to me that our local charity shops might be worth a
pillage if I can distract my lazyness a bit.

Failing that, it'll be time to get strange looks from the nice people
at John Lewis and see just how far they are willing to let us
test-drive their offerings.

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