Market Research: Perl Training

Dave Cross dave at
Mon Jun 9 09:20:20 BST 2008

I hope no-one minds if I abuse the list slightly for some market research.

I'm considering running some public Perl training courses at the end  
of July. The idea is that I rent a room for a week and run several  
courses during the week. There will probably be a two-day Learning  
Perl, a two-day Intermediate Perl and a one-day Advanced Perl.

It'll be in central London and I intend to undercut the prices of  
people like QA and Learning Tree. There will probably be something  
like twenty places on each course.

Is this something that people would be interested in? Would your  
companies pay for you (or your less experienced colleagues) to come on  
courses like this? How much would they pay?

Am I completely mad?

Any (constructive) comments welcome.



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