Perl Question, sorry

Nic Gibson newt at
Mon Jun 16 11:50:56 BST 2008

I'm absolutely certain that this is an FAQ of some sort but my limited  
google-fu isn't finding anything useful (I blame lack of sleep - how  
can we have a 2 month old who sleeps through the night and a three  
year old who woke up five times last night).

I have a bunch of code I've written for my current employer over the  
last year. It's reached the point where several of the quick hacky  
scripts would benefit from modularisation and an installer. The  
modularisation and the installer part are proceeding just fine.

But... these scripts and modules rely on several RelaxNG and  
Schematron schemas. I want to bundle those up in the module and  
install them with it. Is there are conventional way of doing this?  
I've run through the MakeMaker docs and there's support for installing  
the scripts themselves along with the library code but nothing for  
'support' files.  Is there any installer support for this sort of  
requirement? Is there any convention?



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