Perl Question, sorry

Nic Gibson nicg at
Tue Jun 17 08:43:18 BST 2008

On 16 Jun 2008, at 12:13, Tomas Doran wrote:

> On 16 Jun 2008, at 11:50, Nic Gibson wrote:
>> But... these scripts and modules rely on several RelaxNG and  
>> Schematron schemas. I want to bundle those up in the module and  
>> install them with it. Is there are conventional way of doing this?  
>> I've run through the MakeMaker docs and there's support for  
>> installing the scripts themselves along with the library code but  
>> nothing for 'support' files.  Is there any installer support for  
>> this sort of requirement? Is there any convention?
> I think you're probably looking for File::ShareDir
> Cheers
> Tom

Actually, that led me to looking at Module::Install again and between  
the two that did give me the answer I was after.



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