Fwd: O'Reilly invites you to Mashed 2008

peter@dragonstaff.com peter at dragonstaff.com
Thu Jun 19 10:31:07 BST 2008

> Quoting Dave Cross <dave at dave.org.uk>:
>> Let's fill Mashed with Perl hackers.
> Over the last few days I've been watching the profiles off attendees
> being set up on the Mashed web site[1]. And either you're all using
> pseudonyms or there are very few Perl mongers attending.

I've registered and may be there.

> If we don't get a strong Perl presence at events like this, then it
> just reinforces the (incorrect) idea that Perl is dead (or Undead[3]).
> Dave...
> [1] http://mashed08.backnetwork.com/

What do you make of the following?



Although it has be said I am surrounded by a sea of Perl at the BBC.

Regards, Peter

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