Preferred (or "Best", FSVO) svn/FLOSS hosting?

Marcel Grünauer gr at
Mon Jun 23 10:02:27 BST 2008

On 23.06.2008, at 10:38, Randy J. Ray wrote:

> I've been meaning to do this for ages, but I'd like to move my  
> private SVN repos that I use for my CPAN modules to a publicly- 
> accessible service. Reading recently about the git hosting service  
> that sprang up a few months back just reminded me. What are  
> people's preferred choices for this? Better options?

The idea is that everyone can commit to everything, though in reality  
certain projects (distros) have a only a few active developers.  
CodeRepos is big - there's lang/perl, but also lang/java, lang/ruby,  
etc., and there are dotfiles, documentation, whole websites etc.

 From the site: "If you want a svn commit bit, email me your username  
and htpasswd format password to yappo <at> shibuya <döt> pl."

There's also #coderepos-en (english) on freenode.

I've moved all of my distros to coderepos, so now I can tell people  
who would like a change in one of the distros to get a commit bit and  
do it themselves.

There's also a shared CPAN user, called CODEREPOS, that a few people  
on coderepos have access to. The motivation was to if you lose  
interest or otherwise disappear, no one can upload the distros to  
CPAN. But if you give co-maintainership on your distros to CODEREPOS,  
it becomes possible.

All of this is done in a responsible way so you don't need to be  
worried about all and sundry patching your distros without your  
knowledge, or about uploading anything to CPAN.


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