Subverting case insensitivity for module names under Mac HFS

Andy Armstrong andy at
Mon Jun 23 13:50:47 BST 2008

On 23 Jun 2008, at 10:52, Andy Wardley wrote:
> Has anyone come across this before and found an easy and/or elegant  
> way to
> work around it?  The only approach that comes to mind is to let the  
> module
> get loaded and then do some symbol table inspection to figure out  
> what the
> class name really is.  But that requires some messy OS detection and  
> smells
> a bit like apple-scented camel droppings to me.  Anyone got any  
> better ideas?

I guess the same problem would be present on Windows and VMS?

Ignoring systems that don't even preserve case (VMS?) I guess you  
could walk @INC and, when you find a match, opendir / readdir and  
check the actual case of the found module?

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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