log4perl and Proc::Daemon

Chisel Wright chisel at herlpacker.co.uk
Tue Jul 8 12:15:18 BST 2008

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 11:45:09AM +0100, Matt Lawrence wrote:
> If memory serves, Proc::Daemon closes *all* handles when daemonising. The 
> easiest approach is to construct the logger object after daemonising, and 
> just use warn and die for reporting problems that occur before then.

Calling Log::Log4perl->init() after Proc::Daemon::Init has has a
positive impact.
I'll have to see how nicely it plays with everything else now.

> Also, why are you calling Proc::Daemon::Fork?

'cos I'm a muppet

Cheers for the pointers - I've finally made some progress!
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